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Poised for Growth  ⇒  Growing our future

Poised for Growth

The Precommercial Demonstration was a trial to prove ISG technology was possible at the Leigh Creek Site.  This site was geologically and geographically ideal -  it was carefully chosen with the plan to commercialise ISG to the market in a safe and sustainable manner.

Poised for growth was a way of demonstrating to the regions, government and markets that this was not only probable but possible.

Growing our future

2020 has been a difficult year for individuals, companies, economies as well as nations. People, societies, and governments had to dramatically change the way they thought about job and sovereign security.  During this difficult time LCK pushed forward with its flagship project with an aim to secure jobs, secure regional development and contribute to reducing sovereign risk. With our project moving forward the LCK team came together as one to reflect on our past and future and developed a new tag line that paid homage to our roots with a focus on our future.

This tag line is full of meaning and hope: Growing our people, our business, our region, our economy and providing a long-lasting product that is vital to our food bowl, whilst ensuring we reduce our footprint along the way.

Growing our future is a tag line formed from sentiment and passion.


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