Our Culture

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to develop responsible energy projects using innovative techniques leaving an enduring positive legacy.

Core Values

A place where people choose to work – We aim to develop a workforce that is diversified, dedicated and driven – at every level of our business.

Our culture of safety

Safety is the number one priority in our workplace.

We are committed to

  • Providing and maintaining a workplace that is safe and prevents injury and harm to all employees, workers and visitors;
  • Regular discussions with employees to ensure that any work health and safety issues or concerns are regularly reviewed;
  • Continuously improving work health and safety by addressing hazards and reviewing outcomes;
  • Prioritising

Our tagline Safety First – Happy days is more than just a corporate media line, our people chose what it should be, which has given it purpose and a sense of ownership. 

Our culture of diversity

Inclusion and diversity is everybody’s business.

At LCK we aspire for our people to stand by the values of our business, with inclusion and respect at our core.

By doing this, we can seek to:

  • Embrace and invite different perspectives, valuing diversity as a strength;
  • Ensure our processes are transparent, fair and free from bias wherever possible;
  • Ensure that our people can achieve their full potential and they have equal opportunity to participate, learn and grow;
  • Hire, promote and engage a diverse workforce;
  • Provide an environment where people feel safe to speak up when things are not right, or others are excluded or are being treated poorly.

This is how we want to do business at LCK. How we seek to ensure every voice is heard, every idea is encouraged, and everybody is supported to perform at their best.

Our culture of difference

Our people have a growth mindset approach to their work - this enables them to embrace challenges face on. We have built a culture that rewards dedicated people with a passion to succeed, who take responsibility, and who have the drive to be leaders in their field.

We expect a lot, but we give a lot in return. We recognise and reward exceptional work.

Our culture of career development

Taking responsibility means being willing to learn. We aim to give you the chance to develop skills, expertise and experience, following a clear career path – so you achieve career growth.

Our formal training and development aims to help you move forward in your career – and you also get valuable on-the-job experience from working with creative, experienced professionals in your field.

Our culture of sustainability

We recognise that our work can have an impact on communities and the environment that we reside in.

We care greatly about our performance in compliance, environmental protection, human rights and work health and safety.

With an attitude of openness and responsibility, we have built positive partnerships with communities and make meaningful contributions to society.


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