Leigh Creek Urea Commercial Project

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Leigh Creek Energy’s (LCK) flagship project is the Leigh Creek Urea Project (LCUP). 

The LCUP sits within the existing but now dis-used, Leigh Creek Coalfield and will develop deep resources that are unable to be mined. Syngas will be produced from the resource that is no longer economic to mine using a process known as in-situ gasification, or ISG and this syngas will be used to produce urea fertiliser with a hydrogen optionality. Learn about ISG.

The initial stage included the commissioning of a Demonstration Plant to obtain information to inform the design for a potential commercial facility. LCK successfully constructed, operated and decommissioned a small-scale in situ gasification (ISG) demonstration plant during 2018/19. This demonstration facility involved the construction of an above ground plant (and associated service infrastructure) and the establishment of a below ground single ISG gasifier chamber. The demonstration plant successfully produced syngas, proving that the technical and environmental performance of the process can be confirmed at Leigh Creek.

Find out more about the ISG Demonstration Project.

Stage 1 Commercial Development EIR and SEO

Leigh Creek Energy formally submitted the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Statement of Environmental Objectives (SEO) for the Leigh Creek Urea Project Stage 1 Commercial Development on Petroleum Production Licence 269 to the South Australian Department of Energy and Mining (DEM) for review and assessment in May 2021.

The final EIR/SEO was updated following comments from key stakeholders and their feedback addressed and added to the documents before formal submission. If you wish to seek further clarification on the review and assessment process, you can email us at contactus@lcke.com.au   


ISG Gas Products and Markets

Early studies suggest all of these products are viable options, however our Pre-Feasibility Study has landed on urea fertiliser.



Benefits of the project

The LCUP is a major project for South Australia that has the potential to deliver significant and long-term benefits.

It is important for LCK to provide a positive legacy once the project is complete for future generations to benefit from.  This will be embedded into all aspects of the business model and is a key measure to the success of the company.

Our vision for this includes: -

Positive Economic and Social Benefits through:

  • Contributing to the state government GSP;
  • Direct benefits to the Copley and Leigh Creek townships resulting from supply of fuel, food, accommodation and other services;
  • Spending money in the state of South Australia through our employees, contractors and service providers;
  • Preference to using South Australian companies where possible to deliver the project;
  • Development of new business opportunities;
  • Short and long-term employment opportunities for the local community;
  • Upskilling of local community and indigenous groups with long term employment;
  • Highly skilled and educated workforce;
  • Provide research and development in the areas of sustainable and responsible practices through academic studies;
  • Industry and innovation development.

We will operate responsibly wherever we work and commit to engaging with our stakeholders to manage the social, economic and environmental impacts of our activities.



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