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Leigh Creek Energy Limited (LCK) is an ASX listed energy company focussed on developing its Leigh Creek Urea Project (LCUP), located 550km north of the capital city of Adelaide in the state of South Australia.

LCK (through wholly owned subsidiary Leigh Creek Operations Pty Ltd) holds PEL 650, PPL 269, PRL 247 and AAL 292, which covers an area of 93 km2 over the Leigh Creek Coalfield, and Gas Storage Exploration Licence (GSEL) 662 which covers the same area.

Leigh Creek Urea Project

The project location at the now closed Leigh Creek Coalfield was initially chosen as a result of a screening process that evaluated potential resource development sites around the world for in situ gasification (ISG).

The Leigh Creek Coalfield was quickly identified as a highly favourable location for ISG development using criteria that covered environmental, technical and commercial aspects. The coal resource is technically suitable for ISG, it is well serviced by local infrastructure and most importantly, the site is suitable for undertaking ISG in a manner that is safe and minimises environmental impact.

LCK has undertaken a rigorous and detailed discovery process to select the exact site for its PCD at the former Leigh Creek coal field in northern South Australia. In doing so, LCK has followed the recommendations of the leading and internationally recognised Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in the United States, and has been guided by the LLNL publication “Best Practices in Underground Coal Gasification”. 

The Leigh Creek Urea Project site is consistent with all the recommendations for ISG site attributes made by the LLNL. In particular, the depth of the resource and the geology and hydrogeology of the site ensure that the ISG process can be safely operate and contained. The location avoids sensitive features such as aquifers, residents or towns in close proximity, intensive surface infrastructure, sensitive land uses or sites of high environmental value. 

Other favourable factors that influenced the location of the Leigh Creek Urea Project include: 

  • high quality existing infrastructure (road, rail, water and power);

  • nearby service centre at Leigh Creek township;

  • strong local community and potential workforce;

  • extensive information base for the Leigh Creek Coalfield;

  • existing disturbed mine site (minimising disturbance footprint); and

  • distant from environmentally sensitive areas or conservation reserves.



LCK has a 100% interest in the licences listed below through LCK’s wholly owned subsidiary Leigh Creek Operations Pty Ltd:

  • Petroleum Exploration Licence 650;
  • Gas Storage Exploration Licence 662;
  • Petroleum Production Licence 269;
  • Petroleum Retention Licence 247;
  • Associated Activities Licence 292;
  • Petroleum Exploration Licence Application 582;
  • Petroleum Exploration Licence Application 643;
  • Petroleum Exploration Licence Application 644;
  • Petroleum Exploration Licence Application 647; and
  • Petroleum Exploration Licence Application 649.


Leigh Creek Energy acknowledges and respects the Adnyamathanha people, the Traditional Owners of the land on which its operations occur and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.


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