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Our Purpose is to develop responsible energy projects using innovative techniques leaving an enduring positive legacy.

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LCK has qualified as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

The LCK Commercial Project is listed as an investment opportunity on Invest in South Australia.


Commercial Project

The Leigh Creek Urea Project (LCUP) is LCK’s flagship project to produce low cost granular urea from its site in Leigh Creek, 550km north of Adelaide using In Situ Gasification (ISG) technology. 

Every time a crop is harvested, vital nutrients are removed from the soil. Applying urea is the most common way to replace these nutrients. Australia is dependent on imported urea for the majority of the 2 Mtpa applied each year. The LCUP aims to produce urea at below the import price of the lowest cost producers importing into Australia.

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Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) commitment

Leigh Creek Energy is committed to conducting its business sustainably and responsibly to create enduring value for all of its stakeholders. 

We believe that a company’s approach to managing Environmental, Social, Governance issues can have a meaningful impact on the company’s long-term viability (profits) and success (reputation). 

We will ensure that we have effective management controls for our Environmental, Social and Governance matters across all aspects of our business.

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