Courage of a teenager

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Leni Newham at the short course state championships 2021 – where Leni won 4 state titles Reflecting on when I met this young teenager Leni Newham a couple of years ago, I remember how quiet she was compared to all the other sugared up children running around for the LCK Christmas...

500 Miles of Music

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LCK was a proud sponsor of the Leigh Creek leg of the 500 Miles of Music festival. While it was a chilly night staff braced the cold under the sparkling stars to witness some great Australian country talent. As with all events now the festival was faced with challenges as the brilliant line...

Copley Cricket Team

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This year the Copley Cricket Team was back in full swing having a great year with winning 5 out of 6 games and then going on to be the champions of the season winning the grand final which was played at their home ground in Copley against Quorn. The Copley Cricket Team was officially...

Dignity for Women

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Once again, this year Leigh Creek Energy (LCK) participated in the “Share The Dignity” drive for women in March.  This national charity “Share the Dignity” is a great cause for women who experience period poverty.  They work with hundreds of charities throughout...

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