Commercial Project

Leigh Creek Energy’s (LCK) flagship project is the Leigh Creek Energy Project (LCEP). 

The LCEP sits within the existing, but now dis-used, Leigh Creek Coalfield and will develop deep resources that are unable to be accessed by conventional open-cut mining. Energy will be produced from the resource that is no longer economic to mine using a process known as in-situ gasification, or ISG.  The ISG process converts coal from its solid state into its gaseous form. [About ISG]

The initial stage includes the commissioning of a Demonstration Plant to obtain information to inform the design for a potential commercial facility. LCK proposes to construct, operate and decommission a small-scale in situ gasification (ISG) demonstration plant.  This facility will involve the construction of an above ground plant (and associated service infrastructure) and the establishment of a below ground single ISG gasifier chamber. The demonstration plant would be commissioned and operated for a short period (approximately 2-3 months) to produce syngas, so that the technical and environmental performance of the process can be confirmed.

Find out more about the ISG Demonstration Project. [Demonstration Project]

The LCEP has a variety of commercial opportunities, including:

  • electricity;
  • synthetic natural gas;
  • methanol;
  • liquid fuels (diesel); and
  • ammonia and its derivatives (urea for fertiliser). 


ISG Gas Products and Markets

Early studies suggest all of these products are viable options, however a final decision will be made through a Pre-Feasibility Study once the Demonstration Project is complete.

Existing site: The Leigh Creek coalfield

Benefits of the LCEP 

The LCEP is a major project for South Australia that has the potential to deliver significant and long-term benefits in the form of jobs and royalties. 

By developing the deep, stranded and otherwise unusable resource, the LCEP will deliver a major new energy source, adding to South Australia’s already enviable reputation as a preferred location by major international energy producers and suppliers.  

Development of commercial operations at the Leigh Creek Coalfield could provide the following benefits:


  • Increased understanding of the cultural heritage aspects of the region (in collaboration with the traditional owners); and

  • Development of cultural awareness training.


  • Direct benefits to the Copley and Leigh Creek townships resulting from supply of fuel, food, accommodation and other services

  • Spending money in the state of South Australia through our employees, contractors and service providers

  • Preference to using South Australian companies where possible to deliver the project

  • Development of new business opportunities

  • Payment of royalties to the State


  • Creation of employment opportunities, training and education for new staff

  • Potential supply of power to state electricity grid

  • Potential supply of syngas derivatives including methane, ammonia and fertiliser

  • Ongoing need for town amenities including school, police and health services

  • Investment in social infrastructure and services


  • Benefits in the provision of significant environmental benefit (SEB) payments

  • Ongoing rehabilitation and monitoring of previous coal mining activities

  • Increased understanding of the water, air, fauna and flora of the region.