Shareholder Information

Stock Exchange Listing

Leigh Creek Energy Limited (ABN 31 107 531 822) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ASX code of LCK.

Share Structure (May 2017)

Total shares on issue                        332,368,051
Escrowed shares (till 4 Jul 2017)  104,767,190
Listed Options (LCKO)                      17,687,463
Unlisted Options                             1,000,000 (exercise price $0.212, expiring 14 Oct 2019)

                                                            1,000,000 (exercise price $0.25, expiring 14 Oct 2020)

                                                            1,500,000 (exercise price $1.50, expiring 31 Jul 2020)

                                                            8,945,000 (exercise price $0.30, expiring 30 Nov 2020)

                                                            6,000,000 (ex price $0.20-$0.26, expiring 31 Oct 2018)

  800,000 (exercise price $0.30, expiring 8 May 2021)

  1,500,000 (exercise price $0.30, expiring 10 May 2019)

  2,000,000 (exercise price $0.35, expiring 10 October 2021)

  2,000,000 (exercise price $0.45, expiring 10 October 2021)


Shareholding Details

Computershare is Leigh Creek Energy Limited’s Share Registry.

For further information regarding your shareholding please contact Computershare.


Postal Address

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited
GPO Box 2975

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Telephone +61 1300 850 505 (within Australia)​ or +61 3 9415 4000

Facsimile  +61 3 9473 2500

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Company Secretary

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Media and Investor Relations