Community Position Statement

Leigh Creek Energy is committed to involving stakeholders of the Project in a honest and open two-way communication.  This proactive approach will enable Leigh Creek Energy to draw on local knowledge held by the Project’s stakeholders to identify and address issues of concern or importance, and to optimise the benefits of the Project to the local and regional communities.

Community engagement is ongoing and occurs throughout the life of the Project.  Leigh Creek Energy’s engagement approach requires continual review to reflect changing community needs and aspirations, government requirements and to meet Company objectives.


Project Update

The Characterisation and Demonstration phases continue to progress and includes undertaking investigations at the Leigh Creek Project site, including studies of the geology, groundwater and surface water.  The results of these investigations along with the planned activities for the Demonstration phase of the Project will be reported to the State Government in the ‘Environmental Impact Report’ and a ‘Statement of Environmental Objectives’ (refer to the “Environment” Tab).

During the development of these documents, Leigh Creek Energy will undertake extensive consultation with the local community including the Adnyamathanha people and other relevant stakeholders.  Through this process, Leigh Creek Energy will ensure that the community values and issues are understood and a response provided.

The ‘Environmental Impact Report’ and a ‘Statement of Environmental Objectives’ for the Characterisation and Demonstration phase of the Project will be released to the public to ensure full transparency. 

Information Sheets

Leigh Creek Energy continues to be open and transparent in the information it provides.  A series of information sheets and frequently asked questions are currently being developed and will be made available here.

For further information, please find our details under the “Contact us” section of our website.