Board of Directors

Justyn Peters LLB, LP, BA - Executive Chairman

Justyn joined Leigh Creek Energy as Non-Executive Director on 28 November 2014 and was appointed Executive Chairman on 27 May 2015. 

Justyn is a qualified Lawyer and has many years’ experience in the ISG industry and in senior management positions.  He has had over a decade of experience with investing entities based offshore, and in particular in China, investing directly into Australian mining, energy and infrastructure projects and brings with him extensive deal structuring experience and long dated contacts.  Justyn’s experience includes working in the mining industry, for industry representative bodies and for various state and federal environment departments and authorities.

Justyn is a Director and Shareholder of Allied Resource Partners Pty Ltd (ARP) which is a substantial shareholder of Leigh Creek Energy.



Greg English LLB, BE(Mining)– Non-Executive Independent Director

Greg joined the Leigh Creek Energy Board as Non-Executive Director on 22 September 2015.

Greg is a qualified Mining Engineer and Lawyer.  He is currently a partner of Piper Alderman Lawyers and specialises in mining, commercial and securities law.  He is a qualified Mining Engineer, with experience on a wide variety of mining projects for MIM Limited, ETSA, Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines and Normandy Mining Limited.  Greg is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Archer Exploration Limited and Core Exploration Limited and was a previous Director of ASX listed Gawler Resources Ltd.

Greg’s experience in the mining industry, particularly in capital raising, tenement acquisition, project management and business development, and his industry knowledge and business relationships, will assist Leigh Creek Energy Limited to manage and develop its existing tenement portfolio and to identify and secure other high quality exploration assets.




Zhe Wang  - Non-Executive Independent Director

Zhe joined the Leigh Creek Energy Board as a Non-Executive Director on 1 July 2017. 

Zhe is a Chinese based Energy and Thermal Physics Engineer, who is currently the Vice President of China New Energy Group Limited (one of Leigh Creek Energy’s major shareholders). He has been in the role since 2015 and has over 8 years Executive Management experience. Zhe also sits on the Board of Beijing Raise Mind Technology Ltd.  

Zhe’s key areas of expertise include; Coal Combustion; Renewable Energy Applications and Steel Sinter. He has a Bachelor of Thermo Dynamics, Renewable Energy Applications as well as a Masters in Energy Engineering and Thermal Physics, Coal Combustion.  




Murray Chatfield  (B.Com (Ag) (Economics and Marketing) MBA (Cass University, London), AMCT, MAICD) - Non-Executive Independent Director

Murray joined the Leigh Creek Energy Board as a Non-Executive Director in June 2016. 

Murray brings a wide area of expertise covering the financial sector, entrepreneurial, commodity, technology and service facing sectors that will ensure strategic focus and vision, together with the attention to detail to guide the creation, reorganisation and expansion of the business to achieve sustained benefits.  

Murray has a diverse skill set covering finance, treasury, accounting, operational efficiency, risk management (business, market, tax and regulatory), legal and regulatory compliance and direct financial market interaction




Jordan Mehrtens LLB/LP, BCom (Fin), GDip (Planning) – Company Secretary

Jordan is a qualified Lawyer, and has a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning.  Jordan has worked with the Leigh Creek Energy Project since its commencement, providing regulatory, compliance and other analytical advice.  Jordan is a member of the Governance Institute of Australia and Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Association.

Jordan currently performs the legal role in the Company as well as the formal Company Secretarial duties.